helscome to my web site!

Welcome to the web site of an amateur writer currently going by the pen name 'Max Oliver Conley'! My main projects right now include a science ficiton crime novel and various assorted videos on My YouTube channel.

Here's a list of some things I've made (in reverse order, with the newer stuff first):

Rainfall, which has the honor of being the first thing I ever tried submitting to magazines. It has a few obvious faults that make me understand, in retrospect, why none of them went for it. But I'm still fond enough of this story to make it available here, in no small part due to the fact that it introduces several characters I plan to do much more with. Though unnamed in the story, sketchy Milwaukee wizard-cop Otis Burza has become a favorite character of mine, and I'd certainly like to return to sci-fi weathergirl Fleur Monetine and her sentient-dust-based forecasts. This was also my first attempt to write something within a future world I've been privately building for some time - and though I no longer consider this story to be canonical to that world for several reasons, it's got plenty of the core details and vibe I'd like to continue running with. Approx. 1,200 words, written in September 2021

The Soldier's Journal, a serial about the survivors of a spaceship crash. Contains illustrations from Incertae Sedis. Mostly wrapped up, though I ended it on something of a cliffhanger and plan to give it a proper conclusion some day. This story is werid and janky, lots of poor pacing and weak prose. It's not my best work but it wasn't meant to be. Was mainly an exercise in proving to myself that I do, in fact, have the attention span to create something of this length despite previously considering myself a 'short story guy'. It also functioned as a way for me to set the groundwork for future creative endeavors, allowing me to test out concepts I thought would be fun to return to at a later date. Overall I can't say I'm entirely proud of this story, but Dave, the Pagrata and the Vyrolikar are all solid ideas I'm proud of and have much bigger plans for - and even if the specifics get mired down in clumsy nonsense, I'm still fond of the general idea of Rene and Zephyr's relationship. Approx. 27,000 words, written from May 2019 to December 2021

Johnny Smithee and the Evil Dictator, a bit of flash fiction I wrote in like 30 minutes. The only piece of writing from my widely-embarassing blogger days that I still consider presentable. It's a kind of bitter allegory about time travel fiction which has some funny moments. Part of me wants to edit this story, put together a new verion with all the rough bits worked out. But part of me thinks the weaknesses make it feel more honest and real as a piece of angsty sci-fi written by a teen. Approx. 790 words, originally written in 2019

My BandCamp page, containing both my solo music (including stuff from prior to the creation of this specific BandCamp page) and music created with two bandmates. Originally there was a warning here letting people know that our music was very hard on the ears and whatnot but I think it's best if you go in not knowing what to expect.